It is time for a change!

I have been getting into the music world for a while, reinventing my life, moving from one country to another, and learning as much as possible to be able to change my former career (neuroscience research) and start a new  amazing path serving music and artists. I have so many projects ongoing, and I wanted to build this hub to start letting you know more about me, my motivations and my work. 

Firstly, I am working for Tolemias TV,  a production company that wants to revolutionize the streaming world and put it back in hands of the artists.

I am also working in RadioTFSC, an online radio station that is full on supporting indie artists and get their great music heard. There, apart from being in charge of the website, I host a cool music program, I interview artists and I help making different content for the TFSC’s blog and social media channels. I am so happy of being part of the #TFSCFamily : )

Dende Galicia is a “local to the world” project I am working on, together with an amazing team of friends and dreamers, that is willing to provide a space of dialogue between Science, Technology and Arts. We believe in this dialogue we’ll find big answers to the big questions and challenges we are facing nowadays, and we want to contribute to make the change happen!

On the other hand, I am starting KiMi’S Music Dream project, where I will prepare content and materials aimed to help artists to understand better the music industry, help them with their websites and marketing strategies, and provide with full support in the great challenge that is building up a career as an artist nowadays! Contact me if you want to get a custom website! ^^

Musik4Emotions will be a brand new concept of music catalogue and publishing service. I want this project to get production companies and music supervisors the coolest indie music for their projects, whilst helping indie artists to get started in the publishing / licensing world. I will provide support to both artists and production companies with paperwork, licensing requests, cue sheets and music supervision services. I hope this to be a win-win project for all the parts, and build up an amazing community!